Roses in Forest Grove, Oregon

Roses in Forest Grove, Oregon

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Crayon Art

We had seen this on Pinterest in several posts, and my daughters and I made some this weekend while our Hubby's were all away at men's camp. It's super easy, much easier than we thought and much easier than most of the "instructions" on Pinterest!

So, here are OUR instructions for a Crayola Crayon Canvas art!

The above canvas is an 8 X 10. I bought a pack of 10 canvas's at Michaels for $19.99
You can use ANY size, but note that the "melt area" will be smaller on a large canvas.
I purchased three boxes of these crayons for our project. One box of 24 will fit, IF you want to use ALL the colors which will include gray, brown and black. SO.... I would really suggest a box of 48 crayons so you can choose which colors you want. My canvas has a rainbow, and I believe I put 22-23 crayons across the 8 inch width, so the canvas is sitting in a portrait position.

Here you can see that I'm glueing the crayons onto the canvas using a hot glue gun. If you want the brand to show in the attention to where you're putting the hot glue!

Here's where the fun starts!  We let our canvas sit in the sun for about 10 minutes, but I don't think that is really necessary. I would strongly suggest that you use a "HEAT GUN" for crafting. I've read on several blogs that the person has a problem with "splatter" when they start the melting process. I really think that's because a hair dryer is more powerful (even on the "low" setting) and that's why it splatters. We used the crafting heat gun and had NO problems at all with splatter. It starting melting right away! (one blog said it took over 50 minutes for the melting process) Ours took maybe 15 minutes total.  Place newspaper under the canvas, because it WILL (with any size canvas I think) melt all the way down the front. Like I said, the larger the canvas, the smaller the melt area will look.

  And here's the finished project!  How cool is that???? You can give the canvas a layered look by melting and cooling, and melting again. FUN!!!

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