Roses in Forest Grove, Oregon

Roses in Forest Grove, Oregon

Monday, December 17, 2012

Exciting news!

Wow! I'm so thrilled... I submitted three photos to IDG, organizers of Macworld/iWorld. I got an email early last week telling me one of them was picked to be on display at the Conference in January 2013!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Homemade Caramels

I thought I'd start sharing some of the recipes I love to make, starting with this easy recipe for homemade caramels!

1/4 C BUTTER (not margarine)
1/2C white sugar
1/2C Brown Sugar
1/2C Light Karo Syrup
1/2C Sweetened Condensed Milk

Combine all into either a glass bowl (if you're making this in a microwave)
OR a small pan (if you're this on the stove top)

Cook for 6 minutes, (microwave- stir every two minutes) (stovetop stir constantly)

Pour into lightly greased square pan, and cool completely. (I put mine outside on a cold day,
then finished cooling it in the fridge)

Cut into squares and wrap in WAXED PAPER.
These caramels are much softer than the store bought, so I keep mine stored in the fridge.

Next time I make them I'll coat in chocolate and sprinkle coarse sea salt on top!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Review of Velcro Silencer

Originally submitted at Timbuk2

Velcro strips that attach to Timbuk2 bags for quiet time.


By OregonGma from Bend, OR on 10/18/2012


5out of 5

Pros: High Quality

Best Uses: Running Errands, Traveling, Daily Use, School, Office

Describe Yourself: Classic, Comfort-Oriented, Practical

Primary use: Personal

Was this a gift?: No

The velcro silencing straps have truly been a God send. I LOVE my Timbuk2 bag, even with that "Riiiiiping" sound when I open it. But in some instances it's just not appropriate: in the middle of Church service...during the quietest part of a know, those odd times when you really DO need something out of your bag. I use mine on a daily basis, instead of a "purse" so I'm ALWAYS getting into my Timbuk2 bag.
These silencers are GREAT! When I order my next bag, I'll be sure to order these great little straps!

Silencer Strap, works GREAT!


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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Crayon Art

We had seen this on Pinterest in several posts, and my daughters and I made some this weekend while our Hubby's were all away at men's camp. It's super easy, much easier than we thought and much easier than most of the "instructions" on Pinterest!

So, here are OUR instructions for a Crayola Crayon Canvas art!

The above canvas is an 8 X 10. I bought a pack of 10 canvas's at Michaels for $19.99
You can use ANY size, but note that the "melt area" will be smaller on a large canvas.
I purchased three boxes of these crayons for our project. One box of 24 will fit, IF you want to use ALL the colors which will include gray, brown and black. SO.... I would really suggest a box of 48 crayons so you can choose which colors you want. My canvas has a rainbow, and I believe I put 22-23 crayons across the 8 inch width, so the canvas is sitting in a portrait position.

Here you can see that I'm glueing the crayons onto the canvas using a hot glue gun. If you want the brand to show in the attention to where you're putting the hot glue!

Here's where the fun starts!  We let our canvas sit in the sun for about 10 minutes, but I don't think that is really necessary. I would strongly suggest that you use a "HEAT GUN" for crafting. I've read on several blogs that the person has a problem with "splatter" when they start the melting process. I really think that's because a hair dryer is more powerful (even on the "low" setting) and that's why it splatters. We used the crafting heat gun and had NO problems at all with splatter. It starting melting right away! (one blog said it took over 50 minutes for the melting process) Ours took maybe 15 minutes total.  Place newspaper under the canvas, because it WILL (with any size canvas I think) melt all the way down the front. Like I said, the larger the canvas, the smaller the melt area will look.

  And here's the finished project!  How cool is that???? You can give the canvas a layered look by melting and cooling, and melting again. FUN!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

How can summer be over just started!

Wow, it's been a busy summer for the family! That family reunion I spoke of?  What a trip...full of fun and family! A trip to Disneyland which was a first for the grandkids and one of the son-in-laws. It was a walk down memory lane also, going to many places we used to frequent in years past.
Now we're home and getting ready for a new school year. (Both my Hubby and I work for the local School District)
I'm sure I've mentioned that I'm addicted to Instagram...I am the "community ManIGer" for "Central Oregon Instagramers which is @igerscentraloregon on the feed. I had an Instameet in July, which had no attendance.  I was a bit bummed, but there was SO much going on in town that day I got over it.
I've planned a 2nd one for October 27th and I have several "raffle" prizes to entice people to come. Wish me luck! I'm going to have an Instameet every 3 months. I will be posting photos that I take on my photo blog so be sure to take a look!
Well, that's it for now, and I Promise to be better about posting. Someday I might even have a nice sized following!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Busy busy life!

Well hello's been so long! I must get in the habit of posting weekly or time just gets away from me.
Little grandson is nearly 3-1/2 months old now, and looking cuter every day! He did have a 10 day stay at the hospital at around 1 month old, but he's doing great now.

My oldest daughter will be graduating from college with a respiratory therapy degree next month! Hooray, she's worked so hard!

I've gotten more and more into my photography. I created an Instagram Community for Central Oregon and it's doing quite well.  We have nearly 100 followers, and some GREAT photographers who contribute almost daily to the feed.

Next month our entire family will be attending a family reunion, we are all so excited!

Well, that's about all for now.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

We have a new Grandson!

Daniel was born on Valentines Day. 7 lb, 20 inches of cuteness!
That makes THREE Grandkids!!!  Oh what a Blessing they are.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Wow, I can't believe I let this much time lapse between posts.  Lots has been going on though! Hubby and I went to San Francisco late January for Macworld/iWorld. I LOVE going to Macworld! This year was even better with the 45 minute "Tech Talks"...I went to about 6 of them total. Mostly on photography, either with the camera or iPhone. Got some GREAT tips, and have been using my iPhone 4S to take lots of pictures!
Now the really exciting news is that we have a new Grandson coming any DAY!!! Can't WAIT to meet the new little man in our life! (Youngest Daughter is a happy mommy to be)

The Hubs is gone this week, taking some Apple Certification training. YAY him! He just called me and told me he passed the first section with flying colors.

Oldest Daughter is doing GREAT in RT School too!

Life is Happy right now!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy New Year!

Wow, just with the blink of an eye 2011 is over, and January is nearly half over! Exciting things will be happening around here! Hubby and I are going to Macworld, then next month our youngest daughter will be having her first baby- a Boy! That will make THREE Grandkids! Yee Haw!!!  Can't wait to hold that little darlin' in my arms...

Fun things with the nail design going on too...Another fabulous design by my Nail Guy! He used OPI nail colors... Yodel me on my cell, That's Berry Darling, and Purple with a Purpose. Also white and black paint, and silver glitter striping stuff, and some clear jewels. Thanks, Nail Guy!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Nails 2011

Pretty, aren't they? My oldest daughter has a set of discs from "Bundle Monster". Nail Art Stamping is becoming the rage. This was the first time she stamped on someone elses nails. I've received several comments on how great they look!